Smart Girl Self Defense 101

Smart Girl Self Defense 101

Smart Girl Self Defense 101
  • Smart girl training purpose

    Smart Girl Self Defense by Jackson Wink is a place where girls and women of a variety of ages and abilities can come learn practical self defense, in a non intimidating and fun environment.
    Walking into an MMA gym or self defense class can be intimidating, so the Winkeljohn’s created a place just...

  • Am I too young or old to learn self defense

    Discover the timeless truth that age is no barrier to self-empowerment. In this video, we explore the misconception that self-defense is limited by age, revealing how anyone, regardless of their stage in life, can learn essential techniques to safeguard themselves. Whether you're a young woman st...

  • Fighting Stance - Get Off The Train Tracks

    Understand the importance that distance plays in safety. Distance gives you time to escape. We’ll explain the correlation between these two simple but important concepts. Learn how to assess your environment, and fighting stance.

  • Blocking Punches

    Understand how to mitigate the damage from someone trying to land punches to your face and head.

  • Shoulder Grab

    Get out of the bad’s guy’s reach and move yourself to a better position. Understand getting to the back and getting “off the train tracks”.

  • Taking The Back

    One of the most important concepts we teach in self defense and MMA, is the importance of taking the back and not letting someone else take your back. Find out what this all means and why it matters in self defense.

  • Duck Unders

    Utilize this old school,wrestling move that allows you to move yourself out of harm's way and to an advantageous position.

  • Wrist Grabs

    The do’s and don’ts of dealing with someone grabbing your hands and wrists and the best ways to escape.

  • The Secret To The Wrist Grab

    The do’s and don’ts of dealing with someone grabbing your hands and wrists and the best ways to escape.

  • Bearhug - From The Front

    Here's a simple skill you can use if someone grabs you from the front, whether to toss you, pick you up or carry you off.

  • Attacking the eyes

    When it's life or death, this move works! Hear Coach Wink's personal experience with the effects of an eye injury and how disabling it is.

  • Picked Up From The Front - Arms Trapped

    You’ve been picked up from the front and he’s trying to carry you off or throw you the ground. Now what?

  • Bearhug: In Back - Arms Free

    Understand the importance of this basic body level change, a strong stance and breaking the grip of someone trying to pick you up from behind.

  • Bearhug In Back - Arms Pinned

    He’s behind you and trying to pick you up. What are your options? – Change your level! Don’t let him connect the chain, break his grip.

  • The Leg Wrap - Getting Picked Up

    This simple move with your leg, slows down the bad guy who has you off the ground and airborne

  • Headlock

    A common school yard bully move that can cause serious damage. Protect your neck and airway with these simple moves.

  • Palm Strikes

    The most effective long range strike that minimizes damage to you but maximizes damage to the bad guy.

  • Elbow Strikes

    Closer range, powerful strikes that can be used by utilizing your elbow a variety of ways

  • Front Kicks

    A longer range kick used on a variety of targets, that keeps the bad guy at a distance.

  • Knee Strikes

    When and how to use knee strikes, to various targets on the body.

  • How To Fall

    One of the most important things we must practice regularly. This minimizes damage to ourselves if we are pushed, shoved or if we fall to the ground.

  • Kicking From The Ground

    You're down on the ground, now what? Do this to keep the bad guy from overpowering you on the ground.

  • The Get Up

    How we get up off the ground, really matters! This simple drill can get you back to your feet to escape or bring you back into the fight.